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Because no two borrowers come with the same background, each process is tailored to your personal goals, aspirations and milestones. Home buyers come through our door starting somewhere different all the time, but the journey will always end at the home you’ve been working hard for. All of our products are designed with you alongside, so your loan will be shaped perfectly for your wants and needs.


Our Services

Competitive Rates: Benefit from competitive interest rates to save on your monthly mortgage payments.
Personalized Service: Get guidance and support from our experienced team for a smooth home buying process.
Flexible Loan Options: Choose the best loan for your needs from our variety of options.
Streamlined Approval: Buy your dream home faster with our quick approval process.
Local Decisions: Get quick responses and personalized solutions from our local team.
First-Time Homebuyer Programs: Make buying your first home more affordable with our programs.


Our Services

Customer Loyalty Rewards: Enjoy special incentives and rewards for being a valued customer.
Refinance Options: Access exclusive refinance options to potentially lower your monthly mortgage payments.
Priority Service: Receive priority service for any future home financing needs or questions.
Preferred Rates: Qualify for preferred rates on future home loan products.
Exclusive Offers: Get access to exclusive offers and promotions available only to existing customers.
Continued Support: Benefit from continued support and guidance from our team even after your loan has closed.

Rooted in Experience

Flat Branch Loan Officers have a combined experience of over 1000 years in home lending. Many of our Flat Branchers have lived in their communities for a majority of their life and are attuned to the needs and options around the area. Investing in talented and practiced professionals means we can better serve you.

We Don’t Stop at Easy

With our cutting-edge tools and resources, we can make your loan easier, faster and more personalized than our competitors can. But even if we’re not able to get you in the home of your dreams today, we'll work tirelessly to help get you to somewhere you want to be and make your dream of homeownership a reality.

For The Long Haul

Our passion may drive our performance, but the love we have for our communities is what keeps us in the passenger seat once we’ve given you the keys. We work hard to get you in your dream home, so we want to stay involved and answer any of your questions years after you’ve settled in. No matter what comes our way, getting you home is always our priority.

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